tisdag 23 juni 2009

WATCH OUT, the dark horse

Mer och mer kommer det att handla om Acker. Jag har skrivit om henne tidigare. Jag kommer att skriva om henne igen. Skriva av henne. Ur henne. Jag kommer inte att förbjuda henne det våldsamt provokativa.

"The minds of whoever survived lived in and were pain. Mentality is the mirror of physicality. The body is a mirror of the mind. A mirror image is not exactly the same as what is mirrored. In my isolation and in my desperation in that dead city chi-chi city city made by and for the bourgeoisie, it seemed to me that my sexuality was a source of pain. That my sexuality was the crossroad not only of my mind and body but of my life and death. My sexuality was ecstasy. It was my desire which, endless, was limited neither by a solely material nor by a solely mental reality. In that city dominated by commodities, more and more unsatiated I cried. I would kill the city of perfection."

Ur Empire of the senseless, Kathy Acker, 1988.

Standing Nude in the Shower, Robert Kushner, 1987.

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